Organic Basics: My Six Month Review

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It’s time for me to review my Organic Basic’s underwear!

I’ve recently been trying out the Organic Basics Lite Bralette and Briefs. I’ve had them for six months so now seems the perfect time to tell you how I’ve been getting on. Read on if you’re thinking of investing in some sustainably sourced and ethically produced underwear but wondering how the hold up over time. Are they worth the extra investment? 

Investing In Quality Over Quantity

I’m all about clothing (and underwear) which will stand the test of time, I try to avoid items that will only last a handful of wears before it falls apart. Choosing to buy quality over quantity and keeping items for as long as possible greatly reduces the strain we put on natural resources. I’m a big believer in investing in a handful of high quality pieces rather than lots of cheaper things.

I’d been a fan of Organic Basics’ eco credentials for a long time, indeed I already owned one of t-shirts. So when they asked if I would like some gifted product I was chuffed. It is really important to me to stay true to my sustainability ethos throughout all my collaborative work on this blog. This means only working with brands whose sustainability credentials align with my own, it often means turning down work with brands who do not hold up to my standards. In the fast fashion world, Organic Basics have a refreshing take on clothing manufacture.

It’s true, their clothing and underwear do cost more than similar products available in high street stores, though this is due to using sustainably sourced materials and paying supply chains workers a fair wage, but it is still an investment. So it is worth it?

What I Went For..

Lite Bralette And Briefs in Black.

I really wanted the Lite Bralette as I thought the shape looked really flattering. Organic Basics do multi packs which are great value, saving you about 20% overall. I ended up getting the Lite Bralette Starter Pack which came with one bra and two Lite briefs. In black because that’s my go to! It also comes in a dusty pink which looks really pretty too.

Sustainability Credentials.

Organic Basics work with refreshingly transparent production chains. They look across the entire supply chain and assess the life cycle footprint of every product – from raw material production right through to the consumer phase. Their Impact Index measures their environmental footprint and comparing that against traditional industry practices. The clue is in the name, but all their cotton is organic, coast of the Aegean Sea without the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides – helping to prevent soil contamination and other harmful chemical effects. They also work with factories that minimize textile waste and down cycle all of their off-cuts.

When you look at a specific product on their website there is always a “see the factories” link. Knowing where products are made is necessary for ensuring that workers have fair and safe working conditions. If we don’t know where it’s made how can we know what’s going on?

They also offset the C02 emission for all of their deliveries which is brilliant. Check out their website if you’d like to see more of their sustainability credentials.


I normally wear a 32B and a size 8 so I went for size small in both the bottoms and the bra. The sizing is just right, sometimes I find that briefs can be too small and I find myself wishing I’d gone for a size up but these are a perfect fit. The traingle shape of the bra and little cut out section is really flattering. The elasticated band around the bottom is snug without being too tight.  The briefs are also a flattering shape, quite a high cutout on the side but with a nice amount of bum being covered at the same time!


SO GOOD!!  Now…I only have lil boobs so I can’t really vouch for the comfort levels of this bra on a bigger chested gal than myself, but I LOVE this bra. I think it might be the most comfortable one I have ever owned. There is no padding or underwiring so I obviously wouldn’t suggest this bra if you were looking for loads of support but the fabric is super soft and the fit is perfect so I can’t fault it. The briefs are also made of the same super soft Tencel material (95% TENCEL™ lyocell, 5% elastane). 

How Does it Wash?

We’ve all been there…We get a new item that we love but after a couple of washes it just isn’t the same. Sometimes the colour fades, other times the stitching starts to go. I’ve been wearing (and washing) my Organic Basics Lite seft for six months now and so far so good! They’re practically good as new. I’ve been washing them in with my regular laundry and air drying them. The fit has stayed as good as when I first got them and despite them being black they haven’t faded at all, The fabric is quite thick , it feels like a high quality material. I think this is why it can stand up so well to regular washing.

All in All…

It is important to me to wait a while before giving an honest review, how can I tell you a product is going to last you a long time if I haven’t tried it out myself yet! But I can confirm that Organic’s Basics stands the test of time and washes really. I’m very happy to vouch for them.

It’s true these pieces cost more than their equivalent on the high street, but the quality, fit and comfort speak for themselves. These pieces are quality and they will last a long time. If you think about the cost per wear of an item, it might even be cheaper in the long run than the five high street pairs you could easily get through in the same time. It is fantastic to see a brand care about their social and environmental impacts and work transparently.

So, do I think Organic Basics is worth the investment? Absolutely!

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