How To Make Cold Brew At Home

There’s nothing quite like a cold brew on a sunny day.

Make 1 Litre Of Cold Brew

What you need:

110g Coffee Beans (or coursly ground coffee)

Filtered Water

Coffee filter paper (or muslin cloth)

Empty bottle (big enough to fit just over 1 litre in)

Step by Step:

1. The most important thing is to use specialty grade coffee, the type you can buy in any good coffee shop. That’s best way to ensure a really tasty cold brew!

2.Work out your ratios. I like to use a 1:9 ratio for my cold brew which means that for everyone 1g of coffee I’ll use 9g of water. Lots of recipes recommend 1:8 but I find 1:9 makes a slightly sweeter brew. Obviously this will depend on the coffee you are working so feel free to experiment. You can always make a few smaller test brews using different ratios to see what comes out best with your beans.

3. Grind your beans. You want a really course grind, like you would use for a french press or coarser still if your grinder will allow. If you’re buying ground beans just ask your barista to grind them extra course for you. I used 110g of beans. Add these ground beans to your empty bottle.

4. Add one litre of filtered water to the bottle. You can use tap water if you don’t have a filter but it can leave a metallic taste, a filter will help to remove any impurities from your water. Stir the coffee ground and water together. Don’t worry if the coffee floats to the top.

5. Pop it in the fridge and leave it there to brew for 18-24 hours.

6. Filter your mixture by pouring it through a a fine cloth into a jug, or through a coffee filter using your v60/chemex/whatever you have.

7. Give your bottle a rinse and pour the cold brew back into it. This can be kept in the fridge for up to a week, though mine never seems to last more than a day or two!

Drink on it’s own, over ice or add your preferred milk. Easy peasy.


Alternative Option: Cold Brew Concentrate

The other option is to make a concentrate. A much stronger brew that is meant to be diluted with water or milk. To do this you follow the same steps but use a higher ratio of coffee to water. Try a 1:4 ratio, so 250g of coffee to 1 litre of water. Doing this uses quite a lot of coffee in one go but will make your bottle of cold brew last longer.

And that’s it! Enjoy

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