10 Sustainable Swaps

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

How can we reduce plastic waste?

Plastic waste is a massive problem. It is filling up landfil sites, rivers and oceans and having a devastating effect on wildlife. So much of our plastic waste comes from ‘disposable’ single use items. Luckily there are some simple changes we can all make, nothing life changing just realistic adjustments.  A lot of them will actually save you money in the long run too!

Everyone is different and will waste different things.Below are ten swaps to consider; sustainable, more eco-friendly alternatives to every day plastic items. Try to do them all or pick the ones that fit best to your lifestyle. 

Ten every day plastic alternatives

1. Reusable water bottle – metal ones are best as they can be endlessly recycled after use!

2. Reusable coffee cup – a great way to reduce your waste if you buy take out coffee regularly. Did you know ‘disposable’ coffee cups are lined with plastic?

3. Metal/reusable straw – we’ve all seen the horrific picture of the turtle with a plastic straw stuck up it’s nose. Reusable straws are a great, alternatively just go without and use your lips!

4. String shopping bag – be sure to keep your shopper on you to avoid the need for plastic bags when you’re out and out or buying groceries.

5. Shampoo bars – shampoo without the dreaded plastic bottle! You can also get conditioners, moisturisers, shower gels etc in bars.

6. Buying food in bulk – if you are lucky enough to live near a bulk food store they are a brilliant way to shop, greatly reducing the plastic packaging that most food comes in. Many will let you fill up your own containers if you take them with you.

7. Buying loose fruit and vegetables – because every time I see fruit and veg wrapped in plastic I want to cry. Just why

8. Reusable food wraps – wax wraps are a good alternative if you use a lot of clingflim to store food.

9.  Metal safety razor – I have recently made this switch! More expensive than disposable razors but the handle can last you forever if you look after it and the blades only need replacing every couple of months.  Plastic free and much cheaper in the long run.

10. Cooking food from scratch – lots of food packaging waste comes from pre-made or pre-chopped foods. Cooking from scratch elimates this issue.

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