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My Slow Living Journey

Hello, I’m Megan. Welcome to Trace Lifestyle. I’m trying to live slower and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I believe that through slow living we can learn to celebrate all things small & local, consume less and look after what we have. Ultimately we can live greater in harmony with the world around us.

I am passionate about craftsmanship and want to learn more about where our clothes, food and belongings come from. Most of all I am interested in the lives of the people who have made them.

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How To Make Cold Brew At Home

There's nothing quite like a cold brew on a sunny day. Make 1 Litre Of Cold Brew What you need:...

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Film photography diary of a three day city break to Porto.

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Stuck at home? A few ideas of things to do during lockdown.

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Slow travel. A weekend retreat in the Westside Wooshed, a Scandinavian inspired cabin for two in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh.

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Whether you are starting up a new business or looking to improve a current business. This guide is here to help you make your fashion business more sustainable

Trace values

These are the values I try to live by. It’s what I believe in and what I stand for. 


Transparency is the first step to creating a more ethical and sustainable world. Only through openness and honesty can we fully understand our impact. If we can’t see what’s happening, how can we fix  anything?


Taking responsibility for the impact my lifestyle makes on the world around me. Every single person can make a difference, though I believe that the greater the impact, the great the responsibility. Big businesses (who’s impact is far greater than mine) must act accordingly and accept their social and environmental responsibility. 


Curiosity is the best tool we have to learn more about the world around us. By asking questions we can continue to develop our understanding of the global issues. By staying curious we can discover new, alternative and better ways


By choosing to use products which have been made in an ethical way we can help to empower workers in supply chains around the world.  It is so important to me to consider not just the appearance of a product but also the story behind it,  what are the conditions is has been made in?

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How To Make Cold Brew At Home

There's nothing quite like a cold brew on a sunny day. Make 1 Litre Of Cold Brew What you need: 110g Coffee Beans (or coursly ground coffee) Filtered Water Coffee filter paper (or muslin cloth) Empty bottle (big enough to fit just over 1 litre in) Step by Step: 1. The...

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