Hi, I’m Megan. Liverpool based MA fashion student trying to live slower and little more consciously.

We’ve got a problem…It is pretty well documented that over consumption of disposable and unnecessary goods is having a profound effect on the world we live in. Our throw away culture is filling up our world with waste, chocking oceans and using up precious natural resources.

I believe that slow living and good design can save the world. We desperately need to buy less and when we do buy, buy better. We need to take the time to learn to love and appreciate what we already have. When we do need to to buy items we need to consider the impact our purchases have on workers in supply chains and on the environment. 

A little about me and why I’m on this journey…

Growing up I always wanted to design clothes. For as long I can remember I been fascinated with fashion and clothing and the way we use it to communicate our sense of self. I studied fashion design at LJMU and it was during this time that I started to beome more aware of the fast fashion industry and the impact is has on the environment and supply chain workers.

Fast Fashion

IThe fashion industry is dirty and exploitative. In order to continually produce clothing for the lowest price production is chased around the world to wherever the labour is cheapest. The result of this is unregulated supply chains where workers are often exploited, with forced over time, unsafe working conditions and unfairly low pay being commonplace for millions of people. Modern day slavery, child labour and many other human rights violations happen every day in garment producing factories. Along side this, the production of the huge amounts of clothing we consume has a serious environmental impact. Millions of tons of clothing waste is sent to landfill every year, water systems surrounding factories are polluted with toxic chemical systems and, in the case of the Aral, whole seas are drying up due to cotton production. 

The more I learned about fast fashion the less I wanted to work in the industry. The notion of repeatedly buying cheap clothing just to wear it a handful of times and then disposing of it became something I just couldn’t agree with any more. Instead, I want to be a part of a fashion industry which values the craft of garment production and appreciates clothes which have been made to last, and made with a considered approach to those working in the supply chain and to the environment.

Knowledge is power!

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. I think the first step to a fairer fashion industry is transparency. If we able to track the manufacture of products back along every stage of production then we can start to hold businesses accountable for their actions. Only when we have this transparency can we truly be aware of the social and environmental impacts.. I believe in transparency and traceable production processes as a means for social and environmental justice. 

And so, Trace was born.

I am currently studying my MA in fashion, focusing on sustainable production. The more I learn about sustainability the more I understand it can’t just be about fashion but rather a broader lifestyle choice. There is no point buying ethical clothing and then buying all my groceries wrapped in plastic. Of course I am interested in fashion, but I see it now as one part of a much wider discussion.


I now see fashion as one part of a much wider discussion


So this is my journey. Working towards a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle. I want to live slower, consume less but buy well. Above all I want to waste less and reduce my impact on the world around me. I live in hope that through our actions and choices we can make the world a better place. I definitely don’t have all the answers, in fact I have so so much to learn but I would love it if you wanted to share in my journey.  

Wish me luck!

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