How to Make Your Fashion Business More Sustainable

Whether you are starting up a new business or looking to improve a current business. This guide is here to help you make your fashion business more sustainable

Studio Tour With Ceramicist Clare Harvey

Chatting with Cheshire based potter, Clare Harvey. Talking about sustainability, running a small business and the joy of making.

Zero Waste Halloween: Save Your Pumpkin From The Bin

I love Halloween...pumpkin carving, spooky latte art, bobbing for apples. I’m here for all of it....

Organic Basics: My Six Month Review

My review of Organic Basics underwear after wearing (and washing!) them for six months.

Trace Journal 

From the true cost of fast fashion to slow living and shopping plastic free in Liverpool. In my journal I share my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and why slow living is so important today.


Sustainability in fashion.
Why do we need it and where can we find it?


Hints and tips for a more sustainable lifestyle


Sustainability on the move  


Trying to be more sustainable in my home, Liverpool


The often unseen effects of modern day life on people and the environment

Latest from my journal

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